Creative Mind Space’s Director, Head of Design & Development and entrepreneur, Joe Nawaya is known for his sophisticated, suave style as he effortlessly mixes classic pieces with modern, trendy items, with his stylish glasses and mixing smart and casual, he has earned his place as a style contender with enough influence to be recognised as a stylish modern day entrepreneur.


Since he’s known for his style, we’ve asked him to share a few style tips

My style is inspired by my industry and at the very core my music, I listen to very jazzy sounds with a mix of alternative, it’s subtle and simple. I’m a lover of the denim material, dark colors that complement each other and the number of white shirts I own is more than the fingers on one hand, I sometimes include a pop of color in what I wear to create a fun and exciting appearance this can be a pocket square when I’m suited up, or casual sneakers, but comfortability is key, I enjoy the feeling of having freedom and looking good so my clothes have to have the right fit.

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They say “you only get one chance to make a first impression” looking presentable makes you approachable and since the industry I am working in is about what brands look like I take it upon myself to also create an identity as a personal brand.
Siya Beyile inspires my style, I like how he blends the denim material with most of his looks, it’s clean and not too complex, 9/10 times he also wears a white shirt so I think we’d be great friends hahaha.