Up close & personal with Miss SA Top 5 Finalist (Thato Mosehle)

Up close & personal with Miss SA Top 5 Finalist (Thato Mosehle)

Name: Thato Mosehle

Region: Stilfontein, North West Province but I recently moved to Klerksdorp.

Age: 25 (Born April 6, 1995)

Medical Doctor, currently completing my internship at the Klerksdorp-Tshepong Hospital complex. I obtained my MBCHB degree at the University of the Free State in 2018.

I aspire to become an anaesthesiologist one day. I’m a part time make up student at the Beauty therapy Institute 


Previous beauty competitions/pageants won:

2015 – Miss South College (Campus Pageant); 2016 – Miss Glamorous Free State 2nd Princess (Provincial Pageant); 2017 – Miss Armentum (Campus resident pageant); 2017 – Miss Environment (Campus pageant); 2018 – Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 1st Princess (National Pageant)

Why do you want to be Miss South Africa and what do you think you will be able to bring to the role?

Miss South Africa goes beyond her title to empower her community. It would be an honour and privilege for me as it would enable me to advocate for education which is not just academic, but also in the sense of acquiring skills that will better individuals and society. I would bring my authenticity to the role as I want to prove that in stepping onto platforms that are bigger than you, you don’t have to lose yourself.

How have you handled the lockdown due to the Covid 19?

My routine hasn’t entirely changed because I’ve been working throughout. What has changed is how it reminded me of my purpose in medicine, it’s really laying down your life for others. In the initial stages of the lockdown we saw a significant decrease in the alcohol related violence cases which was an upside. The downside however is how the cases of malnutrition related complications increased. We as hospital staff had to stand together in gathering resources and food to alleviate malnutrition.

What has this time taught you?

It has shown me that change is inevitable and it’s up to us to choose between we complaining or responding with new methods and techniques.

2020 has been a tough year globally. Do you see any positives in what has happened in the past months and weeks?

I have never witnessed such solidarity globally. We have found ways as a world to comfort ourselves because we are for once going through a similar pain.

Those who are less affected have been pulling up those who have suffered the most. It’s a beautiful thing to experience and be part of.

What do you love about South Africa?

I love our humour. We are a nation that has been through a lot but a day doesn’t pass without someone cheering up someone else. The youth of our country is also very innovative. When we can’t find opportunities, we create our own.

What is one thing you would like to change about South Africa?

Poverty. I often think of it as the most undiagnosed disease of our country. Many issues of our country are mere symptoms of the disease. So if I could eradicate poverty, we would see a notable improvement in the livelihoods of our people.

Who is a previous Miss South Africa who has inspired you?

Marilyn Ramos, who also comes from the Klerksdorp. I was still a teenager when she won and I remember how inspired our high school was! She showed me that the size of your town does not determine the size of your impact in society.

Who are your role models?

I am inspired by many people as I meet them in life. I have been inspired by presidents, business owners, waitresses, patients, and the list goes on. If you take the time to listen to people’s stories, you will see the treasure that you can apply to your own life.

Tell us a bit more about your family:

My mother is a police woman who is also a very rooted Christian woman – so you can imagine how I grew up under the law! My father works as an operational director for a security company and started small scale farming; he’s where I got my dry sense of humour from. My younger brother is 21 and is currently a final year Business Economics student at the North West University.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy knitting scarves, trying new recipes, watching makeup tutorials and perfecting my makeup skills on myself and on other people.

Do you think beauty pageants are still relevant today?

Pageants are more relevant now than they have ever been. They have evolved into pure empowerment leadership programmes. I’m so proud to be part of the Miss South Africa pageant because I believe we are the organisation pioneering this evolution of pageantry.
The general population is being represented more and more on national and international stages. You’ll often find title holders go on beyond the evening of their crowning to create real social impact.

Name two of your female role models?

My mother, who has the most integrity and love that you’ll ever find in a person. She also is passionate about education and having a heart of gratitude towards the opportunities that we have as a generation. And Oprah Winfrey who is a pure example of living a purpose- driven life.

What is your message to young girls and young women in South Africa?

You have all the power you need to manifest your true self within yourself, use the resources around you to unleash that power. If anyone make you feel less powerful than you are, they should not have the privilege of being in your life.

If you won the Miss South Africa crown and was able to meet one person, who would it be?

I would like to meet Oprah Winfrey. Her passion for investing in people, especially in the girl child is contagious.

I went to an all-girls high school; I would love to share with her how bold that has led me to become. I’d also like to get her advice on how to use my skills in the makeup industry, to uplift young girls as it is one of my life goals.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I initially wanted to be a Protea netball player. After a terrible knee injury, I started doing pageants.

What is the No 1 piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

Relax. The act of stressing about an anticipated event is worse than experiencing the event itself
Describe yourself in three words:
Authentic. Dynamic. Compassionate.

What are you reading?

How To Manage Your Money Like A F*Cking Grown Up by Sam Beckbessinger. My favourite book of all time is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

What music are you listening to?

I listen to all genres; I like any song that’s able to evoke deep thoughts within me or just put be into a happy mood. Currently the song I have on repeat is called The Blessing by Elevation Worship

What is your favourite TV show?

Jane The Virgin, Blood And Water, The Messiah.

What is your favourite meal?

Burgers – because each burger has its own personality.

Who’s your local and international celeb crush?

Local – Thabang Molaba also known as “KB”.

International – Little Bow Wow. He was my wallpaper for the longest time during my primary school days

What’s your guilty pleasure?

A combination of Sippy sherbet and original chappies!

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