Interview : Honeysuckle Moon on organic healthcare products

Interview : Honeysuckle Moon on organic healthcare products

L’Angela Honeysuckle Moon Lee

Age: 40
Company: Honeysuckle Moon
Job Tittle: Plant-Based Wellness Educator, Organic Spa Developer, Natural Skin Therapist and Chief Product Developer of Honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care

Q: Three words to describe yourself?

A: Resilient, Wise, Patient

Q:What are you mostly looking forward to this year?

A: I mostly look forward to connecting with female supporters and comrades of my wellness platform and observing the real-time impacts made on July 22-23, 2017 at the Vibrant Moons Natural Wellness Festival for the Indigenous Woman.

Q: What do you do in your company, please tell us about your typical day?

A: As Honeysuckle Moon, I aim to serve both local and global communities as a melanin-powered wellness product developer, plant-based wellness educator and natural skin therapist. Each of my creative faculties and abilities have been established by the Most High, Mama Nature and my Ancestors. Since 2005, I have been simply following their instructions, personally handcrafting thousands of units of herbal tea soaps, tonics, artisan scrubs, facial care, hair care and MoonBelly Butter, the smoothest, sweetest shea body butter on earth. I formulate the products, schedule the clients, administer treatments and manage the media and packaging for my unique wellness brand. No two days are ever the same…

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Q: What are you doing to inject vitality and fresh ideas into an industry that is white dominated as an African child?

A: Above all, I work hard daily to maintain a beautiful balance between authenticity and being relatable. It has never been my goal to compete with the multi-billion dollar Euro-centric health and beauty industry, but rather it is my aim to create an fruitful alliance among other Black-owned businesses who create products, extend services and many wellness opportunities for people of color.

Q: How do you feel about African Renaissance?

A: I feel that we are writing the script of this New African Renaissance right now. Every time there is a global link up between two or more people who proudly identify with their African bloodline, a mighty strike against oppression is made. Because there are so many platforms that connect us digitally, we now possess the ability to strengthen, inform and inspire one another. Our cultures are able to cross-pollinate and dismantle any spiritual displacement of Africans living in the West.

Q: What is your perception about South Africa living in Atlanta , the American President Donald Trump said that its a crime ridden mess, whats your take on that?

A: My take on american consumptive leadership who hasn’t the capacity to lead me: Refuse classism. Think as a global citizen. Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def for President.

Q: What do you think are the major aspects of the beauty industry that has to change or evolve?

A: Looking outside of ourselves and accepting the Euro-Centric beauty standards which are fed to us via television, print ads and social media is a disappointing action that we as a people should take responsibility for and evolve. I seldom purchase magazines for this reason. They’re flooded with images that look nothing like us. Look in the mirror, then look at your Sistas and remember + reciprocate our inner/outer beauty.

Q: Do you ever imagine maybe branching out in the motherland in the near future so that we can also have a taste of your medicine?

A: Of course, I periodically think about what Honeysuckle Moon would feel like as a natural skin wellness spa and dispensary in several African countries, including Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa!

Q: How important is it for us as African women to celebrate our natural beauty and heritage?

A: It is essential that African women on the Continent and women of the African Diaspora find the ability to reflect one another’s divine beauty and celebrate our respective strengths.

Q: How can our readers get in touch with you?

A: Readers can simply Google Honeysuckle Moon or visit either of my websites
and for product information, skin treatment specifics and blog posts.

Q: Any message to your brothers ans sisters ones in the African Continent

A: Western education is not worth the tragedy that comes when one denounces his or her culture.



Sindiswa Ndzimande

Sindiswa Ndzimande