Author, entrepreneur, DJ and TV presenter Sbusiso Leope has always been inspired to open an academy aiming to solve the problems South Africans are facing today


DJ Sbu has partnered with the 3Sixty Financial Services Group to open The Hustlers Academy in order to positively impact thousands of young lives and families in South Africa.
The outspoken entrepreneur says his academy comes from a vision he had in 2013 when he started Leadership 2020. “When we started with Leadership 2020, we said by the year 2020, we needed to have positively impacted 10 million lives,” he says.

He recalls at the time, they thought about helping one million people, but realised that those one million people would impact 10 million of their peers.
“We decided to do that through seminars in the form of events and conferences, start motivating people and writing books. That’s what inspired me to come along this journey,” he says.
Before DJ Sbu started empowerment firm Leadership 2020, he was already doing school visits through his Sbusiso Leope Foundation.

He would visit schools in townships and motivate learners, help with scholarships, pay some of the children’s fees and negotiate with government to give others bursaries.
“I’ve always really been inspired to open an academy or an institution that is designed to be relevant and address the problems we face in South Africa right now. I believe our education is not 100% relevant to young people,” he says.

He says children are learning many superfluous things. “We should be using a curriculum that teaches them how to make money when they finish matric. It’s not that we shouldn’t encourage them to further their education, but rather that the system must be focused on making money after matric,” he says.
The author of Billionaire Under Construction – The Mindset of an Entrepreneur (Jonathan Ball) says he can only show people how to make money if they are willing to sell their wares in the streets – if they have an ego and are afraid of what people are going to say, he can’t help them.

“In this type of an academy, if you are willing to sell in the streets, confront people and speak to them, I can train you to be polite, to show people the product, educate them about it, to get them interested in the product, to get them to close sales and make money. I can show you how to make money,” he says.
He says one of the 3Sixty Financial Services group of companies focuses on insurance and this offers him an opportunity to provide it with services it requires, while simultaneously assisting him to teach young people how to sell.

He will first focus on these young people, equipping them with skills during a month’s training and as soon as they know how to sell, the best from the group will help him train others.
“I will physically go with them to sell in the streets because I sold MoFaya over the past couple of years in the streets. I am doing well and because I am influential, a lot of young people are starting to sell in the streets. We have over 3 000 young people who are selling MoFaya on a daily basis. That influenced me to open the school and teach people how to sell,” he says.

If you want to be part of The Hustlers Academy, visit:
Leap’s radio station, Massive Metro, is a year old today and has employed over 40 young people from community and campus radio stations. “It [radio] came out of me getting fired at Metro FM – I did not get fired and look at it from a narrative of bad luck. I saw it as a chance to build my own Metro. It got me out of my comfort zone. That’s what I want to say: ‘Get out of that comfort zone’,” he says.